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Get Free Display Dock with Lumia 950 XL in US and Canada


The Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is expected to be released this December.With a stunning 5.7” Quad HD display and a powerful octa-core processor, it’s the Lumia you’ve been waiting for. With an octa-core processor it’s the most powerful phone from Microsoft. With USB-C Fast Charging, an extra-large battery, and wireless charging, it’s pure power that’s easy to charge and with just 30 minutes of charging, you can get up-to 50% battery life.

10 Best Motorola Moto X Force Cases


Motorola Moto X Force has been released recently and is now available. It features some interesting and impressive specs such as a 21 MP camera, an powerful processor and lots more. The Moto X Force is the next addition to the line of Moto phones after the Moto X Style. Motorola have also added the Droid Maxx 2 and the Droid Turbo 2 to their line of impressive smartphones.

Top Best Rugged Cases for iPad Pro


The iPad Pro is a remarkable device, no doubt. It’s super-fast, has super HD display, and is super huge. Honestly, I don’t know what’s Apple trying to pull….it’s laptops are getting smaller (the 12″ Macbook) while it’s tablets are getting larger, the 12.9″ iPad Pro. Get yourself together Apple! Anyways, the large tablet is welcome and all, but it’s large size not only makes it one of the best ipads, it also makes it more prone to damage.

10 Best Amazon Fire 7 2015 Cases and Covers


The Amazon Fire Tablet is not a remarkable piece of tech but it is remarkably affordable. With it’s $50 price tag, you can’t expect top-notch design or features, but it is a fine tablet for casual use, if you don’t care about the latest and greatest technology. Anyways, it’s still fun to use and is you own it, you might be looking for some protection for your Amazon Fire. Well, here are the 10 Best Amazon Fire 7 2015 Cases and Covers for you to choose from.

Amazon Black Friday 2015 Deals you can grab today


Black Friday is not any less than some celebrity. It’s hype always starts earlier each year and many large retailers compete for making the best Black Friday. They give out sweet deals weeks or days ahead of the big day, just like NewEgg declaring November as Black November and others like Target and Walmart following. 

Best Camera to buy Black Friday 2015: RX100 IV


The Sony RX100 range of compact cameras has earned a lot of praise from the customers and critics. And now they have added to their impressive range of compact cameras. The new RX100 IV has pretty impressive features such as the world’s first memory-attached 1.0-type stacked CMOS sensor, a remarkable advance in image shooting possibilities.

OnePlus X: Best Smartphone Under $300


With so many new phones pouring in, it’s difficult to get a good phone for less price. No good phone comes under $350. But that might change with the new OnePlus X. The Chinese firm has released its brand new phone, the OnePlus X in two models: Onyx Glass and Ceramic. The Onyx Glass model has been released in November 5 while we’ll have to wait for the other one a little longer. The OnePlus X (Onyx version) costs only $250! well, $249 to be exact. So, you might be wondering if a phone for that price will be good enough for you. Read on OnePlus X: Best Smartphone Under $300 to find out.

OnePlus X: All there is to know


OnePlus is ready to release their second phone of the year, the OnePlus X. The phone was announced on October 29 and the company has focused more on the designs of the OnePlus X. This device seems to be an affordable one which nails all the basic components needed in an Android smartphone. Looking at the design and features and comparing it with the price, it is really hard to believe that the OnePlus X is available at such a cheap rate.

5 Best Portable Hard Drives: Black Friday 2015


Do you need a portable hard drive? Well, if you are like me who follows a lot of TV shows and watch them after downloading, then, your computer probably doesn’t have much storage space left. And of course, you still feel weird to delete them, so, they stay in your computer eating up space and gathering  dust. Then, you definitely need one. Of course, some of you professionals might need it for different reasons entirely, but nevertheless, you do need one.