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3 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

3-Best- Cases- for- Samsung- Galaxy- Note- 5

Samsung has applied the design language it used with the Galaxy S6 to the Note 5.The Samsung GAlaxy Notes 5 has the most attractive and eye catching design. It’s the most stylish, smoothest, sleekest jumbo-screen smartphone that the company has ever made.

Best 3 Cases for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is wonderful and best phone with a curved screen.It was released on April,2015.It is about 132g, 7mm thick.It has 16MP camera at the back and 5MP front-facing camera.It is about 5.1 inch tall.

5 Best Vacuum Cleaners for under $200


A best vacuum cleaners is one that offers good value for the price, a multitude of functions, powerful motor and suction ability. And it’s also one that won’t stop running after a few months. The best vacuum cleaners doesn’t always mean expensive. Though there are many eye-catching and awful models on the higher-end if you are looking for it.

5 Best BLU Studio Selfie Cases


BLU have introduced a new phone to their line of impressive yet affordable phones. The BLU Studio selfie possesses a 5-inch screen that is perfectly average. Its certainly not going to impress on sharpness or viewing angle, but its a decent display for most people, and for this price range. The Studio selfie has a 5 MP front camera which can be considered decent and the plus point is that the front camera also contains a LED flash.

5 Best BLU Studio XL Cases


The BLU Studio XL was released earlier this year in August and it turned out to be a very budget friendly phone. For those looking for a cheap yet impressive smartphone, the BLU Studio XL would come in very handy. At just about $136, you get a 6 inch phone with features like a 1.3 GHz 4-core processor, 3000-mAh battery, Android version  5.0 (Lollipop) and many more.

5 Best Cases for the BLU Studio C Super Camera


The BLU Studio C Super Camera is a really cool affordable phone. For less than a $100, you can get some of the features that are usually provided by other mid-range phones. This one is the first to run Android Lollipop, and the C Super Camera is really great! You can take very good quality pictures and HD videos for such a less price but the phone isn’t really powerful, which is what you get for the price. Anyways, if you’ve got the BLU Studio C, you might want some cases to go with it. So, check out the 5 Best Cases for the BLU Studio C Super Camera

5 Best BLU Life One cases


The BLU Life One was released earlier this year and the phone proved to be a budget friendly smartphone for the users. The BLU Life One has a beautiful design, a great battery life, 4G LTE support and is very affordable. If you’re looking for a solid device that allows for access to high-speed internet on a budget, the Blu Life One should definitely be under consideration, if you would like to know more about the phone, click here.

5 Best Headphones Deals: Black Friday 2015


Headphones can sometimes become your best friend. When you’re walking alone, or bored as hell, or things like that. A good headphone is a necessity for everyone: gamers, movie freaks, and especially music lovers. And honestly, good headphones are also not for everyone, they’re expensive. Are such high-end headphones worth it? In my experience, absolutely…to a point, though. More price means also more features. Some give value for the money, comfort, noise cancellation, perfect balance, etc. but others are just overpriced.

Apple iPad Pro Lightning port is USB 3.0 compatible


Apple has confirmed that the Apple iPad Pro Lightning port is USB 3.0 compatible. The device was released earlier this month and the tear-down by iFixit revealed a USB 3.0 controller on the iPad Pro. Now, Apple has made sure that the Lightning port will support the new USB standards. This feature was not advertised by the company at the beginning.

Black Friday 2015: Best Deals now or never

Black Friday 2015 Best Deals

If you are like me who is always looking for deals on products, this is the best time to make the move. Every year, November is the month when you should set out to shop. This year, in 2015, things are even better. Most of the retailers are giving crazy discounts starting today!