Top 5 Premium Cases for Amazon BLU R1 HD


BLU have been stealing the heart of americans coming out with smartphones that are unlocked and have a dual SIM functionality. This time around, BLU has partnered with Amazon to bring out a $50 phone to the masses. How it works is, you will be displayed Amazon ads on the lockscreen for which you will be given $50 discount on the phone.

In this article we have a list of Top 5 Premium Cases for Amazon BLU R1 HD you can get today. We hope you like at least one of the cases in this list of Top 5 Premium Cases for Amazon BLU R1 HD. So, let’s get right into the article!

  1. ArmorFlex BLU R1 HD Premium Case with Free Screen Protector

    Top-5-Premium-Cases-for-Amazon-BLU-R1-HDNot sure which case to get for your new phone? No problem, just get this one! This Slim Premium Case is made by BLU itself. The case is very well made and priced really well too. Installing and removing the case is just as easy.

    Unfortunately, as of now, you can get this case in only either Black or Gold colour. This case costs less than $8 at the moment at Amazon.

    Check out this Case here>>

  2. Kugi Blu R1 HD Premium Case

    Top-5-Premium-Cases-for-Amazon-BLU-R1-HDA leather case certainly makes the BLU R1 HD look premium and this is the best case we could find. This also happens to be my personal favourite leather case in this list of Top 5 Premium Cases for Amazon BLU R1 HD as it also has slots to store away the ID card and credit card.

    This premium leather case for the Amazon BLU R1 HD comes in whooping 5 exciting colours. We think either the brown one or the black one is a good fit for the phone.

    View this Premium Case here>>

  3. Semi Transparent BLU R1 HD Case

    Top-5-Premium-Cases-for-Amazon-BLU-R1-HDNot everyone is a big fan of big black bulky cases. I am not either. This semi transparent case adds very little bulk to the phone and adds a minimalistic look to the phone too. You can get this case in two cases currently.

    This case for the BlU R1 HD is made specifically for the phone and the finish of this case is just perfect. We tried finding transparent case for this phone but only could find this semi transparent case unfortunately.

    Check out this Transparent BLU R1 HD Case here>>

  4. Abacus24-7 Slim Premium BLU R1 HD CaseTop-5-Premium-Cases-for-Amazon-BLU-R1-HD

    Abacus24-7 has a great reputation when it comes to case making. This case for the BLU R1 HD is good looking, sleek and has a premium feel. The grippy edges makes sure that the phone doesn’t just slide off your hands.

    Sadly, you can get this case in Black colour only. You can get this case heavily discounted right now and costs only $3.

    View this Premium Slim Case for BLU R1 HD here>>

  5. Premium BLU R1 HD Screen Protector [6-Pack]Top-5-Premium-Cases-for-Amazon-BLU-R1-HD

    Okay, this one is not a case but it we thought it would be wise to mention it anyways. The thing about the BLU R1 HD is that it uses 1st gen Gorilla Glass which isn’t all that great. With one of these, which you can get for under $5, you are essentially protecting your phone from getting scratches.

    The best thing about this Premium Screen protector is that you get 6 screen protector in one pack. If you ruin one of the, you will still have 5 of them left! Be sure to get this one out no matter which case you get for yourself.

    Get this Premium Screen Protector for BLU R1 HD here>>

That is all the cases we have for the BLU R1 HD. If you guys think we missed out some awesome case, do let us know about it down below. As always, thanks for reading this post. And we how you loved the cases mentioned in this article Top 5 Premium Cases for Amazon BLU R1 HD. Do give us a feedback below.