5 Best Headphones Deals: Black Friday 2015


Headphones can sometimes become your best friend. When you’re walking alone, or bored as hell, or things like that. A good headphone is a necessity for everyone: gamers, movie freaks, and especially music lovers. And honestly, good headphones are also not for everyone, they’re expensive. Are such high-end headphones worth it? In my experience, absolutely…to a point, though. More price means also more features. Some give value for the money, comfort, noise cancellation, perfect balance, etc. but others are just overpriced. Well, if you are looking for great headphones but reluctant about what they cost, don’t worry! Black Friday is almost here, and you can get great headphones for great prices. If you’re confused about which to look for,  we have some recommendations for you. Read 5 Best Headphones Deals: Black Friday 2015 to find what suits you.

1) Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

5-Best-Headphones-Deals-Black-Friday-2015This pair of headphones, as it’s name suggests are monitor headphones and have the looks and sound of those headphones used in recording studios. It’s got a sturdy build and not really light weight, which you can tell  by it’s looks, but they are a great fit and very comfortable to put on. The earcups offer very comfortable padding, and with it’s closed back design, they can keep your ears snuggly and warm in winter but might be inconvenient for the summers.

The sound quality is excellent, with perfect balance of tone, spacious stereo imaging and good dynamics. It features a more detailed bass, mid-range and treble which makes for some excellent sound. The headphones have a detachable cord design and come with three different cords, a coiled cord and two straight ones, one long and other short. But none of them have a microphone or remote, unfortunately. -Best-Headphones-Deals-Black-Friday-2015The headphones feature a foldable design for easy storage as well. Though it’s bulkier design makes it less suitable for mobile use, it’s not a big inconvenience. You can probably put up with it for the sound it provides. However, it doesn’t provide that active noise cancellation, it passively seal out noise but it’s just enough for good sound.

These headphones are already available for half off on Amazon. View it here.

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2) Sony MDR-XB950BT Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset

5-Best-Headphones-Deals-Black-Friday-2015If you’re one of those “Music-is-life” people and especially bass lovers, you’re gonna love this! As the name goes, this headset puts an emphasis on the bass to deliver a powerful audio experience. The design is somewhat too big and bulky for taste, however, it’s supple ear cups provide deep and balanced sound. Even so, it looks attractive and has a very “street” look. They support a metal headband with soft round-the-ear pads for snug, comfortable fit, it’s also light yet sturdy and strong.

However, these headphones can be uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time as they press into the ear. The sound it gives is damn good. With the bass boost and the ear cups that keep sound in while cancelling all the noise, it’s great for listening to hip-hop and techno music but it’s not really for other genres of music. If you turn off the bass, though, it gives very clean sound. It also has a built-in microphone and has buttons for volume control, bluetooth, answering calls and Bass Boost all in on the earcups for easy reach. 5-Best-Headphones-Deals-Black-Friday-2015It connects to your phone, and it is all smartphone friendly by the way, via Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC and the bluetooth range is upto 20 feet, which is nice. It also comes with detachable stereo cable if you want to listen to it directly without connecting it. The battery is decent and boasts upto 20 hours of non-stop music after one charge. The charging USB cable is too short for listening to music while charging, though. It also features sophisticated swivel design for portability.

It’s also available in Silver color design. The original price is just short of $200 but you can get it in great discount this Black Friday. View it here.

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3) Beats Solo 2 On-Ear Wireless Headphones

5-Best-Headphones-Deals-Black-Friday-2015Despite the fact that Beats headphones tend to be a little overpriced, you can’t deny the fact that they are really good. This Solo 2 On-Ear Wireless is a premium headphone and is designed to look like it’s wired counterpart, the Beats Solo 2. It has a compact design, a good build. lightweight and folds into a smaller carrying case. They stay on your head very securely due to it’s snug fit feature and is comfortable to wear as well, but it presses down on your ears somewhat firmly which might be uncomfortable in long time periods.

This is a wireless headphone which connects to your device via Bluetooth and you can stream music from upto 30 ft away. The controls to control volume, take calls, and skip tracks forwards and backwards are right there on the ear-cups. The battery offers 12 hours of music which is less than other such headphones provide but is pretty decent. There are LED indicator lights on the earcups that indicate battery life, and you also get a cable in case you run out of juice. 5-Best-Headphones-Deals-Black-Friday-2015This headphone doesn’t offer Noise cancellation, but the sound quality is pretty good and the sound quality is the same in both wireless and wired mode. The sounds are pretty balanced and has more bass than instrumental, and it’s faster sound is quite appealing to some listeners. The built-in microphone for making calls offers very good call quality as well. Overall, it’s a really good headphone but the only problem is it’s overpriced for what it offers.

It’s available in a range of stylish and vibrant colors and is available for $90 less in Amazon for now, which is bound to go down even more on Black Friday. View it here.

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4) Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

5-Best-Headphones-Deals-Black-Friday-2015The Bose QuietComfort 25 is one of the best noise cancelling headphones. It is designed to be lightweight, and sit closer to the head for a more snug and comfortable fit. The soft leather ear cushions give off a luxurious feel and it can sit in your head for almost all day. It’s also got a sturdy build and there’s perfect balance between durability and weight, also it features a thicker detachable cord than it’s predecessors. It can also be folded to make it more compact and fit into cases.

This headphone offers 35 hours of battery life but it’s very interesting that even when the battery dies, the music plays on (although, it sounds a little weird without power). It also includes a inline remote and microphone to make calls which works with recent iOS and select Android devices but might not be compatible with all of them, but the call quality is good. 5-Best-Headphones-Deals-Black-Friday-2015The sound quality is just great! It does a very good job of noise cancellation but what it doesn’t have is volume control mechanism on the headphones. The sound is bright, clear with tight bass, it makes for a pretty zippy device. This headphones is particularly great for rock music but might not sound very natural for some genres. And it’s also overpriced, to be honest and you can find in others what you can find in it.

You can choose from three different color choices and the original price is $300, but wait for Black Friday, and you can snag this for a lot less, guaranteed! View it here.

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5) Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones

5-Best-Headphones-Deals-Black-Friday-2015The Sennheiser HD 598 is a very good headphones, provide perfectly balanced sounds and have audiophile oriented designs. It is a relatively big over-ear headphone but it’s plastic construction make it very lightweight. It has thickly padded headband and ear cushions which make for a luxurious and and comfortable feel, and so, it is still comfortable when you wear it for hours at a stretch.

The headphone has a 10 ft long cable with a 6.3 mm gold plated plug and you also get a 3.5 mm audio plug, and thanks to this clever attachment, the detachable cable is holds very steadfast and doesn’t fall out while doing other things. The headphone is compatible with every audio device: phones, tablets, iPads, and other stereo equipment as well. 5-Best-Headphones-Deals-Black-Friday-2015The sound you get from this headphones is amazing. It uses Sennheiser’s Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement Technology which guides sound directly to your ears for better listening. The sound is super-clean and has bright tonal detail to it. It also has powerful Deep Bass, and the natural sound it provides is great for watching movies and such, and you won’t get tired over long listening sessions.

The headphones are available in two different colors and their original prices are expensive for their features, but now, you can get them for almost half the price on Amazon. View it here.

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So, these are the five best headphones and the best deals for headphones you can get. The headphones are according to my preference as the taste in sound type and quality differs. Thanks for reading, and bag all you can until these sweet deals last!