OnePlus X: Best Smartphone Under $300


With so many new phones pouring in, it’s difficult to get a good phone for less price. No good phone comes under $350. But that might change with the new OnePlus X. The Chinese firm has released its brand new phone, the OnePlus X in two models: Onyx Glass and Ceramic. The Onyx Glass model has been released in November 5 while we’ll have to wait for the other one a little longer. The OnePlus X (Onyx version) costs only $250! well, $249 to be exact. So, you might be wondering if a phone for that price will be good enough for you. Read on OnePlus X: Best Smartphone Under $300 to find out.OnePlus X: Best Smartphone Under $300The first thing you might notice about the phone is it’s $249 price tag, because….come on, it’s cheaper! Secondly, if you have ever used the iPhone 5S, you might see similarity in it’s designs. Sure, this phone has taken bits of other Android trademarks but it’s boxy rectangular body and 14 pairs of holes at the bottom for the sound make it look like iPhone 5S.OnePlus X: Best Smartphone Under $300But the OnePlus looks slimmer and other than that, there aren’t much similarities, so, we can overlook that. Moving on, it’s got an artistic body with dual glass panels held together with a metal frame, which, frankly, is slippery and is very prone to fingerprints and smudges. So, you will be constantly wiping your OnePlus X if you don’t use a case / screen protector. It seems so very inconvenient but once you look under the hood, is when you’ll see that it’s totally worth it. Talk about a Bang for the Buck!

The OnePlus X features an Alert Slider on the left side of the phone, which will very easily allow you to switch between 3 modes of receiving notifications: Silent, Priority and All. It’s a feature seen in the OnePlus 2 as well. OnePlus X: Best Smartphone Under $300The OnePlus X is a very different model from any of their phones in the past. It’s kinda like the OnePlus 2 but smaller, cheaper and fancier. It’s also slightly less powerful. It uses the Snapdragon 801 processor (outdated technology but still useful) with a Quad-Core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 CPU and an Adreno 330 GPU, which is still powerful but misses out on the things that a latest hexa-core or an octa-core latest Snapdragons provide. It features the Oxygen OS, which is based on the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, so, it will still feel familiar. The Oxygen OS is designed to allow plenty of customization beyond what’s offered by stock Android. Also, you will get the OnePlus FM radio, which is old-school but it will sure come in handy, like whenever you’ve got no internet access and you want some news updates or so.

For a cheap price such as this, you won’t be getting ripped off the display, though. The OnePlus X has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, that’s AMOLED 1080 p display which is the first for the OnePlus models and with it’s 5″ screen size, the images look crisp, vibrant and sharp. OnePlus-X-Best-Smartphone-Under-$300For protection, the display is corned with Gorilla Glass 3, and also the Oxygen OS supports Ambient display, which makes it all the more better. The dark mod of the Oxygen OS looks very attractive on the phone, which might also be able to save some battery here and there.

The camera it offers, is also very good. With a 13 MP rear camera with phase-detection, 0.2 seconds autofocus & LED flash and an 8 MP front camera, it’s not very exceptional or something, just good enough but then again, it costs only $250. It also allows you to take 1080p HD videos @ 30 fps, which is pretty cool. OnePlus-X-Best-Smartphone-Under-$300OnePlus claims this is the fastest camera they’ve offered until now, so, you can’t pretty uch complain for the price you’re getting it at.

The OnePlus X gives you 16 GB of internal storage but with an extendable option upto 128 GB with a microSD slot, which also doubles as a SIM holder. So, it supports dual SIM as well, but for those who want an extendable storage option, you’re gonna have to sacrifice that.  Also, it features a non-removable 2525 mAh battery, which is not par to leading Android phones nor below the not-so-good ones out there. But with the Oxygen OS, you might be able to save some battery and make it last, depends on the user entirely. But if you think this is too low, I’d again like to remind you it’s price.

The OnePlus X is a solid smartphone from the Chinese firm and it’s their best-looking yet. With it’s surprisingly low price tag, it might be a mid-range winner, too. OnePlus X: Best Smartphone Under $300? Might prove to be true. As usual, you can only get the phone through the Invite system, which makes it hard to get but the Chinese firm says that this time the Invite system will only last a month, after which you can easily buy it.

I’d like to remind you again that the OnePlus X is also available in a Ceramic version, which, according to OnePlus is more special and so, will only available in limited edition November 24 onwards. The phone will be available only in Europe for €379 (which equals $407) but doesn’t offer much except for design and good feel. You pay extra for only a nicer design, which is just extravangance spending, if you ask me, but hey, it’s up to you!

So, this was OnePlus X: Best Smartphone Under $300. Thanks for reading and hope it helped you make the decision if you were considering it. Stay with us for more such news and information.