OnePlus X: All there is to know


OnePlus is ready to release their second phone of the year, the OnePlus X. The phone was announced on October 29 and the company has focused more on the designs of the OnePlus X. This device seems to be an affordable one which nails all the basic components needed in an Android smartphone. Looking at the design and features and comparing it with the price, it is really hard to believe that the OnePlus X is available at such a cheap rate.

The OnePlus X is a 5-inch phone which looks like it could cost $500 but costs only about $250. The OnePlus X is a device with artistic qualities that you would normally expect from a established and well known tech brand but it is made by a Chinese company less than 2 years old. You may be considering to buy this phone as it is affordable, has all the features a goo Android phone should have and has a attractive body, so to help you come to your conclusion on whether to get this phone or not, we have collected all the facts and features of the OnePlus X, read on to find out about the OnePlus X: All there is to know.


Design and Build

The first thing to note about the OnePlus X is that the emphasis is on the design of the phone. The company is going to release 2 designs of the same phone, one made of glass and another made of ceramic. The rumour is that the ceramic version will only have 10000 pieces available for manufacture so, it is a quite limited model. The ceramic model will also be a bit expensive than the glass one (also called the Onyx model). But keep in mind, the Onyx model is sort of a budget conscious one and the ceramic model is a bit fashion conscious.

Both the models have a metal frame on the side and the Onyx black glass version has rounded edges that gives a seamless feel.

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The ceramic model is considered to be more special. OnePlus say that it will take 25 days to complete the manufacturing process for this handset, which includes baking the ceramic at 1482 degrees for over 28 hours, before cooling for 48 hours. It’s then repeatedly polished before it’s fit to adorn the limited edition OnePlus X.

The OnePlus X measures 140 x 69 x 6.9 mm and comes with a three-position notification slider on the side, so you can switch between silent, priority and all notifications easily.



The OnePlus X features a 5 inch AMOLED capacitive touch-screen with 16M colours. This is the first time OnePlus has used an AMOLED panel.

It has a Full HD resolution, it features 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is perfectly fitting for this size of device. That gives you a 440 ppi so the graphics will look nice and sharp.

For protection, the display is topped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

System and Hardware

The OnePlus X will feature a Android OS, v5.1.1 (Lollipop), a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset, with Adreno 330 graphics,  3 GB of RAM and a Quad-core 2.3 GHz CPU.

The Snapdragon 801 could be considered an older generation hardware and miss out on the latest chipset, but it has proved to be a good processor and this older hardware probably accounts for the affordability of the OnePlus X too.

16 GB of internal storage is not basically a huge amount, but you have the choice to expand the storage up-to 128 GB via a micro SD card. OnePlus is offering the micro SD storage in a combined storage or a second SIM slot, that means the phone also has an arrangement of a dual-SIM feature.

The OnePlus X has a non-removable 2525 mAh battery, we have to admit, for an Android device, the battery capacity is quite low.

Software and Cameras

The OnePlus X runs on the company’s Oxygen OS based on Android 5.1.1. This is the same software as the previous phone i.e OnePlus 2 so, the experience could be quite similar. The phone will also feature on and off-screen gestures, ambient display notifications, custom quick settings and file manager, as well as a new OnePlus Radio.

The OnePlus X features a 13 MP rear camera and OnePlus says this will be the fastest camera it has offered so far, thanks to phase-detection AF.

The phone has a 8 MP front camera which also features a beauty mode to make you look better (if you into that).

The video capture tops out at Full HD, with no support for higher 4K resolutions.

Conclusion, Dates and Price

Considering the features, although this is not a flagship phone, this phone is a quite impressive one as the main attraction is the elegance and price of it. For such a cheap price, you can get a perfectly functioning Android device with all the necessary components packed into it. This phone will be perfect for those who are not looking to spend a lot of money but still want a impressive and visually stunning Android device.

The OnePlus Onyx glass model will cost about $250 and is most certainly available as it was to be released on November 5 in the US.

The OnePlus X Ceramic will cost about  $270 and will be available from 24 November. But US buyers be aware, OnePlus X doesn’t have all the LTE bands AT&T and T-Mobile use at the moment.

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